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One of the most popular towns of Crete, Elounda is a center of attraction for both tourists and locals thanks to the soft powder sands, the crystal-clear sea, and the opportunities for the aquatic sports. In Elounda Lagoons, you can discover the underwater world, take a boat tour, or simply have a great time in the marina in the evenings. Once a nude beach,  Plaka is now one of the most famous beaches of Crete. Located pretty close to Elounda Lagoons, this beach might be a wonderful choice for taking a rest due to the white sands and turquoise sea. Facing Kalydon Island that is rich in history, Plaka Beach has various cafes and restaurants nearby, where you can have a fine dining experience and spend a good day in company with the beautiful views.

Also known as Leper or Spinalonga, Kalydon Island was once a place where people suffering from leprosy in Crete was put in quarantine. You can reach this Island by a boat trip that takes around 20 minutes and go for a walk among the historical ruins here. It is an ideal place to internalize both the history and culture. If you are looking for a fun trip for your visit, “Happy Train” tours might be a great choice for you. You can take this small train to take a tour around, and drop by some major touristic areas. You can try Cretan cuisine at one of the stops of this tour.

One of the most authentic spots to see in Elounda is the Oulos, known as the “Sunken City”. Once located quite higher than the sea level, this ancient city has now only the walls of the castles a few centimetres above the sea level. You can see some of the historic buildings left in this city. Moreover, you can have the opportunity to see the city by experiencing snorkelling or scuba-diving activities. Furthermore, the port acts as a meeting point of both the youngsters and tourists, where you can have a cup of coffee in the small cafes or take a walk nearby. If you wish, you can  have a calm and relaxing evening or, quite the opposite, you can enjoy your time at the night clubs with live music in Elounda.

Located by a sunken volcano, Santorini Island is very pretty with its blue and white houses and it is just a short boat trip away to Elounda. If you travel Santorini, there are plenty of cafes and restaurants on the seaside that you might want to try. You should definitely see the capital of this island; Fira, where you can find the streets with cobblestones, various interesting shops, and also hand-made souvenirs with interesting designs. Alternatively, you can enjoy the sea on Perissia and Kamari, the blue-flag beaches of the island.

You should definitely try the wonderful appetiser, Greek bruschetta “Ntakos” in the taverns, which are mostly authentic rather than touristic places. You must also taste lamb stew simmered for hours or chicken shish. Elounda has a long peak season from May to October. Therefore, the ideal period to visit this town is spring or summer months.

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