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Ella is a town in Badulla District of Sri Lanka, located on a hill, 1.041 above the sea level. In Ella, you can always see cloud forests, the town is surrounded by the hills covered with tea plantations.

Ella Gap offers magnificent views across the northern plains of Sri Lanka. In the recent years, Ella has gained its popularity. This town has a cooler climate in comparison with the lower regions around and this unique nature of Ella creates biodiversity and lets Ella have fauna and flora that you would not probably see elsewhere in the world.

You can watch the sunset by a short 40 minute walk to Little Adam’s Peak in the early hours of a new day. Ella Rock is another attractive hiking route that you could take by passing by the tea plantations. If you get a tour guide, you could complete the tour through the shortest way without getting lost.

Also, you can go to Demodara Nine Arch Bridge on foot or by a tuk tuk. If the officers are in the mood, they can even let you walk on the rails located at a height of 30 meters. If you can be there just when the train passes, you can take very beautiful photographs. Alternatively, you can take a rest and have a relaxing time in the cute cafe around.

You can attend coffee- and tea- tasting tours, or taste both local and world cuisine there. Ella offers you a wide range of food options, from cheap cafes to high quality restaurants.

Ella has ideal weather conditions for visiting throughout the year, yet the best time could be the period between January and May.

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