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Durres, Albania's gateway to the Adriatic Sea, is a popular place that hosts many tourists, especially during the summer time. The history of Durres, which is located approximately 35 kilometers from the capital Tiran, dates back to the 600s BCE.

The region was dominated by Italians, Greeks and Ottomans in past and it is still possible to see some historical remains belonging to those periods. This historical heritage also brings incredible diversity and liveliness to the city.

It is possible to feel the influence of temperate Mediterranean climate in the city all year round. Thus, you can enjoy the unique beaches of Durres along the coast regardless of when you visit. The warm period starting from the last days of April continues until the end of October. The summer months when temperatures rise above 30 degrees are certainly the most popular period for traveling Durres and its vicinity. Therefore, those coming here in the summer may have to deal with busy tourist crowds and rising holiday costs.

You can start your tour in the coastal part of Durres, which is located in a region that is very fortunate in terms of archaeological historical artifacts. Along the long coastline, you may come across a large number of visitors especially from Kosovo. The coasts starting just ahead of the old city center are one of the main stops in Durres, where local and foreign tourists want to cool down in the days as hot as the sun. With its hillside location overlooking view and a spectacular historical atmosphere, the Royal Villa of King Zog is another place worth visiting in Durres. The building, which was used as a summer house for royal family members in the years when the country was ruled by the kingdom, stands with all its glory and magnificence in the city even today.

No airport is available in Durres and around. For this reason, you can fly to Tirana, the capital of Albania, for transportation to the city and then you can get to Durres by land. You can also choose to take the bus for urban transportation, or prefer taking advantage of taxis which are a bit more expensive but practical and fast option. Moreover, you can easily find a taxi anywhere in Durres.

The majority of hotels in Durres are in and around the city center. They are not much luxurious, but the prices are pretty budget-friendly. If you are going to arrive in summer, you should book your room in advance in order to find a good hotel due to the increasing demand during this period.

The dishes and desserts in Durres mostly taste like those in Italian and Greek cuisines. Fish, octopus, calamari and various vegetables are the most common choices in menus.

As for the nightlife and entertainment, Durres could be said to be a littlle bit less vivid compared to other popular cities on the Adriatic coast. You can enjoy music in the clubs and bars in the city center which is more colorful especially in the summer. Bar Torra and Fly Bar are among the popular nightlife entertainment venues in Durres. International Durres Music and Dance Festival held in June, Chamber Music Festival around July, and International Film Festival which meets the audience in August and September are some events you can attend and enjoy.

If you want to buy souvenirs to remind you of Durres before you leave the city, you can visit the markets and stalls in the city. If you want advice on souvenirs, you should definitely take a look at the ornaments and figurines made of sepiolite (meerschaum) and ceramics.

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