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Duong Dong, which is founded on Vietnam's largest island Phu Quoc, is the main settlement of the island. According to the latest census, the population of the region is approaching twenty thousand. Phu Quoc International Airport that is about 10 kilometers from the center makes transportation to the island much easier.

The island, where fishing is the main source of living, has generally small hotels where tourists can stay. Moreover, like many parts of Vietnam, Duong Dong is also a very budget-friendly place. You can travel to the region without spending too much for your expenses such as accommodation, shopping and eating.

During your trip to the island, do not forget to visit the old bridge that is a wonderful background for your photos. Taking a look at the local shops where you can buy fish, fresh vegetables or souvenirs is among *the other great things to do on the island. Especially the famous night market is worth seeing with its colorful stands. You can enjoy local dishes with local people and other visitors by sitting on the tables in the market.

Renting a motorcycle in Duong Dong, which is located in the northeast area of the island, is highly popular. If you have a problem with driving a motorcycle, you can also rent a car with a driver or you can easily travel between the regions by taking the shuttle.

The island offers a very ideal atmosphere for romantic holidays and you can swim in the sea if the weather is suitable in that time. At local restaurants and cafes, you should definitely taste the delicious fish caught in the open sea. Generally, if you're not too interested in the Far Eastern cuisine, you may change your mind after tasting the dishes here. When you have a tea or coffee break after your meal, you can enjoy hot and cold drinks served with traditional presentations. If you prefer the Western cuisine for dinner, you can still find a wide range of restaurants. Especially Nguyen Trai Street and its surrounding are well known for its delicious street food.

There are activities for sportive touristy in the region, such as tennis courts, basketball courts and table tennis. On the other hand, you should avoid swimming in the Duong Dong River due to heavy contamination. Duong Dong, which is generally considered as a safe place, is not completely a danger-free place. Especially when you are walking on crowded streets, you should pay attention to your bag, wallet and valuables.

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