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Conil de la Frontera, also considered as ‘White Town’, is a Spanish Andalusian city in the southeast of Cádiz facing the Atlantic Ocean.  Fishing has continued in the city, founded by the Phoenicians, for hundreds of years and it is mostly known as a fishing town. A part of such a popular city as Costa de la Luz, the city turned into a tourism destination with its natural beauty after 1960s.

Conil de la Frontera is a unique combination of the sea and the sun with its warm atmosphere of tapas bars, which is integrated into the Spanish culture, and lively night life. In the city, white-sandy beaches stretching out 14 kilometers meet the crystal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. You can do scuba-diving and any kind of water sports on its 6 untouched beaches, each of which gives a different pleasure with the bays hidden among the cliffs. It is possible to see the traces of the periods Muslims lived through while walking in the small streets of the city, a center of its marine history, in company of bougainvillea and geraniums hanging on the white houses. A favorite place of the Spanish people and those having bachelor parties who come from Seville or nearby cities, the city is also the address of crazy entertainments. Streets, which are empty during the day, are filled with music and dance from evening till dawn.

Castle of Guzmán, which is a military castle from the 14th century and was built through the official founder of the city, the Baroque Church of Misericórdia from the 18th century and the Santa Catalina from the 15th century are among the artifacts reminding the deep history of the city. The walls of Conil de la Frontera that remained from the Middle Age are also worth-seeing.

Mostly, you come across sea food products prepared with different sauces in the menus of Conil de la Frontera, a place to discover gastronomically. If you arrive in the city in May or June, you can taste the Almadraba (red tuna), which is the tuna fish specific to the location, in every restaurant. If you’d like to, you can join the hunting tour named ‘the Tuna Route’ and joint by many boats one after the other. In the region of Tarifa, which we strongly recommend you to see near the city, you can watch the whales swimming in line in the Strait of Gibraltar. Horse races organized on the sandy beaches of Conil de la Frontera are specific to only this city! The Carnival of Cádiz is the most colorful and enjoyable activity of the region where costumed dance walks are held for 11 days. If you are in the city in February and March, do not miss this carnival.

The biggest airport you can land on when you want to go to Conil de la Frontera by air is Málaga Airport at a distance of 149 kilometers. Medium-sized Seville Airport is 128 and Jerez Airport is 52 kilometers away from the city.

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