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Clifden, located on the coast of North Atlantic Ocean in the west of Ireland, is situated in the delta of Owenglin River. The economy of the city, which relied on fishing and agriculture in the past, is mostly based on service industry today.

As Clifden is considered as the biggest and most important city of Connemara Region in Ireland, it is a fascinating destination for the tourists who visit this area.  Sky Road is an amazing walking path with its awesome ocean view and impressive sunset. You shouldn’t forget your camera while heading towards this path, where you will commune with nature. Another location that must be visited by nature lovers is Connemara National Park, about 14 km outside the city center. And Clifden Castle is one of the spots definitely to see in the city. Connemara Heritage and History Center is a museum worth visiting for curious and inquisitive people.

Golf, scuba-diving, fishing, trekking and climbing are some of the activities you can perform in Clifden. Especially riding horses and ponies on the coast is quite popular within the city. Clifden has a humid mild climate. The temperatures are measured between 5 and 18 degrees throughout the year. They decrease relatively in April, May and June and it rains all year long.

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