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About Chiyoda

Chiyoda, which is one of the 23 special wards of Tokyo, has a population of 54 thousand people. Chiyoda, which is located in the heart of the capital, is visited by a great number of tourists every year since it is home to the Imperial Palace covering 12% of the region. Chiyoda is the center of all high-speed trains called Shinkansen. In Chiyoda, which is full of buildings reflecting the history, you can see that even the train stations reflect the architecture of the World War I.

Imperial Palace is among the most important places to be visited in the special ward. The outer grounds of the palace are open to visit. The palace consists of the areas where the Imperial Family lived. In addition, the palace takes attention with unique Japanese style gardens and historical richness including the Edo Castle.

Chiyoda comes to the forefront as a region where a great number of temples and tombs are located. Chiyoda has many temples to visit like Asakusa which is also very important of the history of Tokyo. Kanda Temple, where the famous Kanda Matsuri Festival takes place, Hie Yasukini Shrine where other important festivals take place are among the few places you can visit in Chiyoda.

In Chiyoda, which is the center of history and art, there are a great number of museums that visitors should see. Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art is among the most important museums to visit. In Chiyoda, where modern values meet traditional values, shopping is an entertaining activity. It is possible to reach Chiyoda by using the many routes of the wide metro network of Tokyo. You can choose Marunouchi, Hanzomon or Hibiya for your transportation.

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