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Chernomorets, which was founded in the southeast of Bulgaria, is a popular holiday town located on the Black Sea coast of the country. The governance of the town belongs to the Sozopol Municipality and it is approximately 25 kilometers away from Bourgas city. The town known as Seveti Nikola in the early 1950s was later renamed as Chernomorets.

Chernomorets, which was only a small village in the past, has gained importance because of the development of tourism in the region over time. The town attracts visitors from around the Burgas region especially in the last 20 years, and there is also a cultural center where you can learn about the cultural life of the region. While visiting Chernomorets, you can encounter the church built for Saint Nicholas. This old Orthodox Church is famous especially for its garden. When the weather gets warm, you can have a good time in this garden named as ‘‘Eden’s Garden’’.

Chernomorets has the ordinary effects of the Black Sea climate. Especially in the spring, precipitation is getting stronger in the region, and in summer season the temperatures in coastal areas are increasing. If you are planning to have a summer holiday in Chernomorets, you can relax in the period that starts at the end of June and  at the beginning of September. However, do not forget that temperatures fall significantly in spring and winter seasons. It is very useful to keep an umbrella with you for the rain that you can see at any moment; regardless of the period you visit the region.

If you have a few days or more to travel around Chernomorets and the surrounding area, you can come to Bourgas city with a 30-40 minute bus ride. By using buses or by air travel, it is also possible to travel to popular cities in the country and abroad from Bourgas city thanks to the direct flights to many points of Europe. Furthermore, you can reach the city of Batumi in Georgia with a pleasant and comfortable journey by ferry from Burgas city.

Bourgas is one of the most advanced cities on the Black Sea coast line of the country, and many activity choices that are available for both day and night are waiting for you in Bourgas. You can visit the Bourgas Archaeological Museum, which contains important pieces of Roman, Byzantine and Ancient Greek cultures, and you can also see many interesting details about both local and national history in the history museum. The Natural History Museum of Bourgas reveals the richness of the natural life that has continued in the region from the ages until today.

If you have more time to explore and to enjoy this beautiful holiday town located on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, you can take one of the boats to St. Anastasia Island that is also known as the Bolshevik Island in the past. Another alternative that the town offers its visitors is to see the different sand sculptures in the Sand Festival which takes place in July and August.

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