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Carouge, which is a Mediterranean style town modelled after Nice, is known as the “little Italy of Geneva”. This village is situated on the bank of L’Arve river. This town, which has a lively nightlife with jazz bars and nightclubs, is a very popular tourist destination with its historical and antique shops as well as its unique architecture having traces from the history of the Sardinians. By visiting the local history museum in Carouge, you can see the works of art belonging to the 19th century which mainly consist of ceramics and date back to a more sophisticated period in the history of Geneva. You can also visit St. Pierre Cathedral which is famous for being the church where John Calvin preached in the 16th century.

Flux Laboratory, which is famous for its exhibitions and workshops blended with experiments and technology, is just a treasure for modern art enthusiasts. If you want to spend your whole day with art, you can enjoy a film in Cinema whose history dates back to 1922. You can spend your whole afternoon by discovering the boutiques, fashion houses and innovative workshops in Carouge. You can have a rest in Des Bastions Park after discovering this region. Beautiful monuments in the park offer impressive atmosphere for the visitors. Playing chess on the huge chess board is one of the most popular activities among the local people. For relieving your tiredness, you should definitely visit Vieux-Carouge region known as the “Greenwich Village of Geneva”. If you want to swim on the hot summer days, you can visit the olympic outdoor swimming pool of Piscine de La Fontenette.

In Carouge, you can try the special tastes from the cuisine of Geneva which is a combination of Italian and French cuisines. You should also have enough budget to have a nice dinner in Carouge. In the cuisine of this village, there are particularly cheese fondues, fresh seafood and roast beef. You can also taste the delicious wines and beers produced by the local companies. Chocolate desserts are also very popular in Carouge. The best period to visit Carouge, which experiences hot and moderate days from May to September, is the summer months for hot weather lovers. However, it is a place that can be visited in every month of the year.

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