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Calpe, also known as Calp, is a coastal city by the Balearic Sea located in Alicante Region in the east of Spain. A very popular holiday destination for Spain and the surrounding countries, Calpe welcomes mostly British and German tourists. After tourism, fishing comes as the most important step of the economy within the city. Therefore, it is specifically recommended that tourists try various fresh sea products in different forms in the fish restaurants of the city.

The rock called Penial d’lfach on the coast directly rising out of the sea is the most distinctive symbol of the city silhouette. It is possible to reach the peak point of this rock through an internally ascending tunnel, but it is necessary to wear appropriate shoes and be very careful due to the slippery floor.

Calpe has very beautiful beaches. Beside swimming and sunbathing on these spectacular beaches, you can also perform many water sports; particularly diving. Els Banys de la Reina, meaning The Queen’s Baths, is also worth-seeing. In the city, night life is active rather near the coast and there are plenty of bars, discos and night clubs.  Calpe has the effect of the Mediterranean Climate; so, it has long summer months with daytime temperatures reaching up to 30 degrees. In winter, temperature drops down to 8-9 degrees.

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