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Busteni is a small mountain town in the northern part of Prahova district in central Romania. It is located in the Prahova Valley, which lies at the foot of the Bucegi Mountains, the highest elevation of Romania. The exact equivalent of Busteni means tree stumps. The average height of Busteni, which has become a center of attraction for tourists with mountain climbing and ski tourism, is 900 meters.

You can visit the 19th century Peles Castle, which was built by Carol I and is considered one of the most beautiful castles in Europe. You have to pay for taking photos in the fortress, but you're free to hang around. Another castle that is worth visiting is Cantacuzino which will impress you with its architecture and scenery. If you wish, you can also visit the two castles with tour guides.

If you want to join the Caraiman Climb, you will surely encounter one of the most impressive views of the world. However, you must be in a good shape, because it is not a very easy to climb. You can have a great time in the impressive Bucegi Nature Park thanks to its rich flora and fauna. To feel like you are on the top of the world, you can go on Bucegi Mountain, where you can absorb the landscape during your trip. If you do not want to force yourself to climb, you can also try off road tours. If the off road isn't something for you, you can take a ride on the tramway from Busteni to enjoy a breathtaking view over the clouds.

If you wish to ski, the Kalinderu Ski Resort, which is the region's most popular ski resort, can be a nice choice. Moreover, in this center, it is possible to find snow during the whole season, because snow is guaranteed throughout the year thanks to an artificial snow machine.

In Busteni, where you will sit at the tables that are famous for the aperitifs and pre-dinner snacks, you will find delicious menus mostly with meat. However, vegetarian and vegan alternatives are now available.

For nature, culture and sports enthusiasts, a wide variety of attractions are also possible during the four seasons in Busteni. May and August are suitable for warm weather lovers; December and March are the most suitable travel period for skiers.

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