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About Burnaby

Located to the east of Vancouver, one of Canada's most visited destinations, Burnaby is a modern and quiet residential area with interesting architecture. Burnaby is actually a district of Vancouver, and has made rapid progress since it was established in 1982. Growing day to day with luxury homes, hotels, dining, entertainment, and business centers, it has recently become one of Canada's most migratory destinations.

City transportation in Burnaby is also highly developed and is easily accessible from Vancouver city center with Skytrain. Burnaby Lake Park on Piper Avenue is one of the most visited places in this area. If you’re a lover of wild birds then you can take part in bird watching tours in Burnaby Lake Park.

Those looking for an adventurous holiday usually prefer Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area. The "Garden of the Gods" in the Burnaby Mountain Conservation Area is definitely worth seeing as it is home to magnificent rose gardens, challenging trekking trails, camping grounds and much more. All of the hiking trails in the area have different difficulty levels. There are also mountain bike trails, children's parks, and picnic areas.

The Burnaby Village Museum and the Carousel exhibit artifacts and objects that give you a sense of local Canadian life. You can see the best sunsets and city views in Burnaby by going to Capitol Hill Reservoir Park. You can have a look at the Deer Lake Park at very center of Burnaby and the architecture surrounding it, visit the Burnaby Art Gallery, or spend time in the Century Gardens.

Major cuisines from Canada, and other international tastes, can be enjoyed at very reasonable prices at Burnaby restaurants, some of which are Horizons Restaurant, Anton's Pasta, Saffron, Bombay Belt, and Diamond Alumni Center. Nightlife is lively in Burnaby, and the Hop and Vine or Keg Steakhouse and Bar are among the best nights out.

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