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Bunkyo included in the borders of Tokyo, the capital of Japan, has been known as the "Capital of Literature" of the region for many years. Many scholars and scientists lived in Bunkyo which is one of Japan's leading educational and residential points. Thanks to this feature, it is today one of the places visited by many literature enthusiasts in Japan. 

Bunkyo, which is home to the Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo, is the sister-city of Kaiserslautern city of Germany. Places like Koishikawa and Hungo located near Bunkyo, which actively took part during the transformation of Tokyo in 1947, are also worth visiting especially in terms of cultural wealth. According to the data of the census conducted in 2015, Bunkyo's population is over 215 thousand. A large part of the population in the region is of Japanese origin. The number of foreigners is approximately 10 thousand. 

In the region, which is home to Kodansha International, one of the biggest publishing companies operating in the country, the economy is generally based on commerce.  Penta Ocean and Tomod's are also among the other important companies in the region.

Gokoku-ji Temple, Chinzan-so Garden, Kodansha Noma Museum and Koishikawa Botanical Garden are among the places that you can visit and spend an enjoyable time. In addition, Bunkyo Civic Center is a great address where you can watch the region from a bird's eye view. Here, you can watch the amazing view by eating your meal.

You can try famous tastes, which can be accepted as the gifts of the country to the world, in the restaurants of Bunkyo considered as the shining star of Japan especially in the fields such as literature and publishing. Sushi made with different ingredients and named according to its ingredients, tempura prepared by frying seafood or vegetables and sashimi consisting of fresh raw fish are among the tastes that you should try in this place.

In addition, grill restaurants, whose menus generally consist of chicken varieties, are very famous in the country. Nigiri made with shrimp, salmon or tuna is among the other options worth tasting. The dishes in Bunkyo are usually eaten with traditional sticks called "Hashi". These sticks have been around for a very long time in Japan and they have been in use for almost 6.000 years.

If you do not like seafood or fish, you can try the world-famous Kobe beef. The beef obtained from specially raised animals is also one of the most expensive foods of the world. However, in Japan, you can have a chance to taste the Kobe beef by paying much less compared to the other places in the world. Ramen is generally consumed in China, but you can also see it in Japan. It can be described as a kind of soup cooked by using noodle. Desserts and teas are served with traditional methods in the country and they should be definitely tasted.

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