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Bozburun, which was built in the ancient ages in the region where Mediterranean and Aegean waters come across, is a seaside town in Marmaris district of Muğla province. Many civilizations lived on this land and it turned into the region where the immigrant Turkmen settled after the conquest of Anatolia. The historical ruins in the ancient city of Larymna continuing its existence on the incandescent lands of the Asar Hill reveal that the history of the town dates back to 2000-3000 BC. The ancient city is especially visited by history and civilization lovers. The castles and tombs in and around the ancient city are important tourist attractions. In Bozburun, which has a small harbor since the ancient times, fishing and sponge fishing were the two main sources of living for the inhabitants. With the construction of the boats called gulet in the town, professional workmen started to grow and high-quality boats started to be constructed. In this way, the economy of Bozburun started to improve with the construction of yachts and boats and tourism. Boat tours organized on Mediterranean and Aegean waters display the unique beauty of the region and International Bozburun Gulet Festival organized each year attracts boat enthusiasts from all over the world.

With its small population, Bozburun is known as a quiet and peaceful place. In and around the town, there are many pensions and hotels as well as restaurants where local foods are served for visitors and tourists. Typical Mediterranean climate is effective in Bozburun and the summers are very hot. During the winter months, the town is cold and rainy. For visitors who prefer flying, Dalaman Airport is 2.5 hours away from the town.

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