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About Bondi

Bondi is a small suburb on the eastern side of Sydney, in the region of New South Wales of Australia. Since the most favourite and famous beach of the region, Bondi Beach is here and also very close to Sydney, Bondi is quite popular.

Bondi Beach, included in the Avustralian National Heritage List, is a 1-kilometre-long beach and has rough water. In this beach, safe swimming areas are marked with yellow and red flags. It is also one of the favourite destinations of surf-lovers. Having a 14-kilometer-long track, City2Surf is held in August in every year, starting from Sydney and ending in Bondi Beach. You can also see mammals in the high seas from March to May or from September to November, since these periods are migration times of the whales and dolphins.

Bondi Skate Park is another important location of the area. Established in 1991, this park has been upgraded since then. Today, it hosts Bowl-A-Rama, a skating competition every year and is now a big and prominent skating center.

Located along the Bondi Beach, Campbell Parade street and its side-streets have many restaurants and cafes. Built in the beginning of 1900s, Hotel Bondi is the architectural symbol of this suburb. Also, Bondi Pavilion is a very active cultural centre where all the art-lovers can find a wide range of events, performances and exhibitions at each time of the year.  Westfield Bondi Junction is a big shopping centre in which you can find anything you are looking for. There are also many alternatives for the nightlife in this small suburb, which hosts millions of tourists; many of which are skate- and surf-lovers and organizes many various festivals successively in each year.

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