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Bojnice is a small and historic city within the borders of Trenčín district of Slovakia. Located near the Nitra River and known for its castle, the city has a population around 5.000 people. Almost all of the city population is of Slovak origin. A small part consists of German and Czech settlers. Tennis player Karina Habšudová, footballer Juraj Kucka and Erika Pochybova Johnson, an artist, are some of the famous residents of the town.

The city, which is home to the oldest zoo, the oldest castle and one of the oldest thermal centers of the country, welcomes a significant number of tourists every year thanks to these features. The old castle, similar to the castles in fairy tales, is also the place where many festivals are held every year. The castle, originally built as a wooden fortress and then rebuilt using stone, has a history almost equivalent to the history of the town.

Bojnice Zoo, inaugurated in 1955 and one of the four zoos in Slovakia, is home to a total of 355 different species and more than 1800 animals. Especially when you visit the city with your young children, you can have a pleasant day with the whole family visiting the zoo.

Bojnice is also one of Slovakia's famous settlements that are known for hot springs. First discovered in 1549, the healing waters are particularly good for occupational diseases. After visiting the historical sites of the city, you can spend a whole day relaxing in the spa and taking advantage of the healing waters. In summer, you can enjoy the outdoor swimming pools of the hot springs which serve its visitors with the indoor pools in winter and other times of the year. The water temperature in the region is between 28 and 52 degrees.

If you still have enough time after seeing the main sights of the city, you can see the cave which has reached the present times from the ancient times and has a very mystical atmosphere that fascinates those visiting this area. For accommodation, you can make your reservation by choosing from many hotels, some of which make a strong impression on their guests with historical buildings.

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