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Benidorm is almost as touristic as the capital of Spain, Madrid. The first settlement in Benidorm started in 1960s as a fishing village. It mainly has a temperate climate and that is why Benidorm gives you the opportunity to take a vacation during each season of the year. Having an area of around 39 kilometresquares, Benidorm is famous for its very long coastlines, beaches and colourful nightlife. This small seaside city is an ideal spot for the ones that wish to enjoy sea, sand and sun in the Mediterrenean beaches. Being the most touristic seaside city of Spain, Benidorm has lots of hotels and guest houses which suit all pockets. The tourists interested in discovering the historical aspect of the city can visit the Old Town, in which there are the monuments dating back to Roman period. You can easily see the traces of the past in all of these monuments. In Old Town, known as the centre of Benidorm, there are plenty of hotels, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops. We also recommend you to drop by the flea market called El Cisne, which is open only one day a week. Moreover, you can visit the guitar factory “Guitarras Cashimira”. You can have fun all day at Terra Natura, the most famous entertainment center of the town. Levante Beach, located in front of the sckycrapers in the Old Town is the first choice of the families with children due to its shallow sea and very well-cared condition. If you accomodate in one of the hotels within walking distance to the city centre, you do not have to worry about the transportation during your holiday. It is very easy to arrive Benidorm, the pearl of the West Mediterrenean and a popular city of Spain, from Alicante. There are buses that directly takes you to Benidorm from the Alicante Airport and the bus ride takes around an hour.

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