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About Bengaluru

Bangalore, which is the capital of Karnataka State in South India, is one of the largest and most populous cities of India with a population of over 10 million. Bangalore is accepted as the Silicon Valley of India. Many world-famous brands such as Google, Nokia, Oracle, Mercedes-Benz, Philips, and Toyota have research and development centers in Bangalore. Although it seems like a trade and economy city, Bangalore offers a great number of activities and sightseeing tours to tourists. Therefore, visitors are advised to make a detailed search and time planning before travelling to the city.

Although bus is the main means of public transportation in the city, three-wheeled vehicles called rickshaw are more commonly used among the people. Since the traffic is always very heavy and there is always crowd, renting a car is not recommended for tourists. Bangalore which experiences two seasons as rainy and arid is under the influence of tropical savanna climate. The temperature is measured around 27-34 degrees in the daytime. While the hottest month is April, the coldest period is November. The period between May and October receives the most precipitation.

Hesaraghatta Lake is one of the most beautiful places in the city with its magnificent view. Ulsoor Lake offers boat trips for its visitors. Furthermore, there are many parks and gardens in the city. The city is also known as the 'City of Gardens'. Especially the botanical gardens are worth seeing. Bangalore Palace, Tipu Palace, ISKCON Temple, Visvesvaraya Technology Museum, Dodda Ganapathi Temple and Bull Temple are among the most important places to visit in Bangalore. If you come across the Yakshagana show, which is dazzling with its great costumes and is often staged in the city, you must absolutely watch it. Bangalore Karaga Festival is one of the oldest and most important events in the city. Adrenaline enthusiasts can spend wonderful time in the Wonderla Amusement Park.

Bangalore offers a colorful and vibrant nightlife atmosphere for its visitors. The city is also home to various music festivals in addition to the bars and clubs where performances are displayed in underground, rock and metal music genres. The universities and colleges in the city play an important role for this. There are also many places where you can listen to Indian classical music and watch folk dances. You can prefer Commercial Street for shopping. Alternatively, there are a great number of shopping malls in the city.

Transportation to Bengaluru City Center from Airport


Kempegowda Intl. Airport

Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore, India, is about 37 kilometers from the center of Bangalore. The trip to Bangalore city center takes about 45 minutes. Among the options you can take advantage of to get to the city center from the airport are car rental companies with offices at the airport, taxis or shuttle services available at the terminal every day, and alternatives that provide both affordable and convenient transportation.


At Bengaluru International Airport you can reach the city center by using shuttle services, which offer both affordable and convenient and fast transportation options. These services, known as 'VayuVajra', serve almost all day and carry passengers on 11 different routes. With shuttle services that depart every 30 minutes on average you can reach many points in the city in time without difficulty.


If you prefer to take a taxi to get to the city center, you can choose one of three taxi companies serving at Bengaluru International Airport: Mega Cabs, Meru Cabs and KSTDC. You can also pay with your credit card at the end of the journey if you prefer Mega Cabs. Taxis apply a night fare from midnight to 6 am; you have to pay an increased fare of 10 percent during this time.

Taxi fares in the city in general are not very high. However, due to the fact that the distance between the airport and the city center of Bangalore is a long one, the taxi is not among the economic means to transportation to the city center. It is expensive compared to other options, but if you prefer comfort in Bangalore traffic, you can consider this option.


You can also travel to the center of Bangalore with the buses departing from the airport. These buses, which are called Flybus, start to carry their passengers to the city center from very early in the morning, but they do not operate frequently. For information about Flybus bus services, you can contact the counseling desk at the passenger terminal or contact the call center on +91 08 4455 4422.

Car Rental

At Bengaluru Airport you can see the desks of both local and global car rental companies. After renting your car with the features you want from here, you can reach the city center at the end of a comfortable journey that would last 45 minutes to one hour. These companies located at the airport usually have rental offices in the city center. You can deliver the vehicle you rented to one of the offices in the center. Please note that in order rent a car in the city, you must have an internationally valid driver's license.

Weather in Bengaluru

DayMin - Max
SundayMin 21ºC - Max 27ºC
MondayMin 21ºC - Max 28ºC
TuesdayMin 21ºC - Max 28ºC
WednesdayMin 21ºC - Max 28ºC
ThursdayMin 21ºC - Max 27ºC

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