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About Barrie

Barrie is located in Ontario, Canada, on the western shore of Simcoe Lake. Though Barrie is mainly famous for its ski resorts and winter sports, it is possible to plan special activities for each season of the year.

You can discover hundreds of kilometer-long Nordic ski slopes in Barrie. If you are not a ski-enthusiast, you can experience the snow rafting in either Valley Ski Resort or Horseshoe. Besides, you can participate in the “Winter Festival” held in Barrie Centennial Park in each February of the year. Or, you can ice skate with your family in Circle at the Centre, not to mention that it is a free activity.

Sunnidale Park Arboretum is a unique park where you can enjoy spending time and see the special types of flowers and trees during both winter and summer. You should definitely drop by and take a photo of the sculpture of Spirit Catcher. As well as the local tastes, you can also find Asian and European cuisine in Barrie. It is possible to find a taste that appeals to the taste buds of everyone due to the fact that Canada’s food culture includes the cuisine of both the Aborigines and of the emmigrant countries.

Barrie is an ideal place for skiing- and winter sports-lovers during winter, and also for the ones who would like to spend their vacation at the beach in a beautiful sunny atmosphere during summer.

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