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Being in the state of Blagoevgrad in the southwestern Bulgaria, the town of Bansko is located at the foot of The Pirin Mountains, one of the most beautiful mountain ranges of the world. Bansko has recently been discovered by especially foreign tourists and announced as “the most affordable winter holiday destination”. Bansko has an interesting contrast between both the untouched nature of the Pirin Mountains and the atmosphere of an old Bulgarian town. In Bansko, which is surrounded among the mountains of Pirin, Rila, and Rhodopi, summer months are hot whereas the winter is incredibly cold. The coldest time of the year is January, in which the average temperature is -1.9 °C. Ski season in Pirins starts in mid-December and lasts until mid-April and the snow depth is approximately 2 metres. Bansko is one of the biggest winter holiday resorts of Bulgaria, and 925 metres above the sea level, located 150 km away to Sofia and 96 km away to Blagoevgrad. As the years pass by, Bansko Ski Resort located in this town has become one of the leading winter ski centers of not only Bulgaria, but also all the Europe, by attracting lots of Bulgarian and European tourists thanks to its being an affordable holiday opportunity. The total length of both ski and snowboard slopes in here is 75 km and the longest slope is 16 km long. If you are interested in skiing during night, there is also a lit-slope. Bansko also has an open-air ice-skating rink, and the highest point of Bansko has 2560 metre altitude. The most challenging slope of Bansko Ski Resort is Tomba, named after the worldwide famous Italian skier Alberto Tomba. You can go to Banderishka Polyana from Bansko by cable car. Bansko is full of museums and symbol constructions. In fact, there are 130 different architectures and historic cultural monuments.  It is possible to see the personal belongings and notebooks of famous poet Nikola Vaptsarov (1909 - 1942) in Nikola Vaptsarov House Museum built in 1952. The architecture of the typical houses of the revival period (18th -19th century) in Bansko is definitely a must see. Also, Velyanova House, one of the best samples of Revival architecture in the world, is located in Bansko.

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