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Banska Stiavnica is a small mine city in the middle of Slovakia. The history of the city, between the forests, dates back to the 13th century. The city is about 170 kilometers from the Bratislava region and 240 kilometers from Kosice, the second largest city in the country. The city is historically known as one of the biggest cities in Hungary and one of the first royal towns. The precious mine history of the city is also considerable, so much that due to the excess of silver the city is also referred to as the ‘silver city’. While the city was the biggest mining center in the region in the 18th century with half tons of gold and 20 tons of silver extracted annually, the last mine was closed in 2001. The city is attracting tourists as a touristic historic town.

The city that hosts the Mining and Forestry Academy, founded in 1762, which was elected as the world’s first technical university, deserves to be discovered as one of the most interesting cities in Slovakia. Banska Stiavnica, which entered the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1993, is the first Slovakian city to be enlisted by UNESCO. More than 360 buildings in the historic center of the city are located in the City Monument Reserve. The Old Chateau, known as Stary Zamok dating from the 13th century, and the New Chateau built in 1571, which offers the most beautiful view of the city, are historical buildings acting as museums today. The most intense historical building group in the city is concentrated between the Trojicne Namestie and the Radnicne Namestie squares. You can see the most impressive exhibition of the city at the Open Air Mining Museum, which you can reach in twenty minutes on foot from the center.

The city’s most notable religious buildings in the city are St. Catherine and Lutheran churches located on the Calvary Hill. Banska Stiavnica is also known with its greenery besides mining and religious structures; it hosts a botanical garden with more than 250 rare plant species. The city is most active during the days of festivals. Chess Festival, Slovak Culture Days and Bishop’s Goblet Festival are just a few of these festivals.

Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport in Hungary is the nearest airport you can fly to reach Banska Stiavnica by air. The alternative to this airport which is 163 kilometers away is Milano Rastislav Stefanik Airport in Slovakia which is 166 kilometers away. You can reach the city from both airports by renting a car or taking a taxi or bus.

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