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About Bahia Blanca

Bahía Blanca lies 570 kilometers southwest of Buenos Aires, and it is one of the biggest ports of Argentina by the Atlantic Ocean. The city is also called A Gateway to Patagonia, and it has a rich marine history. Although it is a small city, Bahía Blanca makes great contribution to the economy of Argentina with its busy port and commercial potential; agriculture is a significant source of income here. Petrochemical centers and shipyards on the coastal line turn the city into an industrial center.

Magellan called this city “White Bay” in a period when he was reviewing the South American coasts in 1520, because there is a transition from salty sands to the white color on these coasts. Beside its resemblance to a beach rather than a port, the Spanish architecture of the city is also highly impressive and beautiful. In Bahía Blanca, which was established in 1828, you love losing yourself in the streets filled with the buildings of the 19th century at the most.

Here, you will come across Spanish style squares, blocks and monuments, and also colorful places such as Plaza Rivadavia,  where you will be able to do shopping, apart from the gorgeous buildings like Symphony Orchestra introducing you to the works of famous artists. Buses are especially important for the transportation network of the city, and you can find buses going to hundreds of cities and towns in the destinations extending until Buenos Aires. The closest airport to Bahía Blanca, which is one of the stylistic cities with its various shops and shopping mall addressing all of your needs, dozens of restaurants that introduce its eating culture, lively night clubs and relaxing green parks, is Comandante Espora Airport lying at a distance of 16 kilometers. You can reach the airport from the city, which has a developed transportation network, through buses, taxis and rental cars.

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