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Baden-Baden, which is the first town welcoming autumn in South America, is a beautiful town with its perfect view of the Rhine River and Murg Valley as well as its atmosphere giving inspiration to the Dostoevsky's The Gambler novel. “Baden” derives from the german word “Bad” meaning “Bath” in English. The town is known for its hot springs which welcome a great number of visitors in every season. The healing waters coming from a depth of 2000 meters reach 68 degrees and are said to be healing for many problems. The location of the town close to the Swiss and French borders and its very green nature extending on the foothills of the Black Forest are among the attractive factors in addition to its healing springs. The buildings surrounding the 3 kilometers long Lichtentaler Allee Park with 350-year-old giant trees, old churches and the Frieder Burda Museum are also among the places worth seeing in the town. While walking on the streets of Baden-Baden which consist of the long paths covered with trees, you can hear the peace notated by Schumann, Brahms and List. You can also feel the magic of the art in its theatres and museums.

The sightseeing route of the town, which was called as Baden-Baden to distinguish it from the others, particularly Baden near Vienna in Austria, is highly crowded. The Kurhaus Casino, where Dostoevsky gambled and lost money but which was a source of inspiration for him, has been standing for almost 300 years and is still active. The famous Altes Schloss (Baden Castle), which was built in 1102, is a place offering a bird's eye view of the city. You can listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra at the Festspielhaus which is the largest concert hall in the country.

The town, where unemployment rate is below five percent, is also known as the place where the richest citizens of Germany live. The town has a strong basis of education and economy and the transportation infrastructure is also developed. The closest airport to Baden-Baden is Baden Airpark, which is located 19 kilometers away from the town center. The airport welcomes many visitors from Europe especially from the neighboring countries. You can easily travel around the town by bus, train, taxi and metro.

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