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Bad Kleinkirchheim, which is surrounded by the Nock Mountains and located in the Austrian Alps, is close to the borders of Italy and Slovenia. Bad Kleinkirchheim, which is one of the most popular 20 towns of Austria, owes its popularity to its reputation as a spa and ski center. The town is one of the ideal locations for skiers and snowboarders with its 103 km of well-maintained ski tracks, 16 km of cross-country ski tracks, 25 modern cable cars and 23 mountain huts. Even in the middle of the spring, you can ski thanks to the artificial snow technology. In the town, there is the house of the olympic champion Franz Klammer. The town frequently hosts the Alpine Skiing World Cup. In Bad Kleinkirchheim, you can also enjoy ice-skating and discover the nearby beauties with sleigh.

There are two hot springs famous for their healing water in Bad Kleinkirchheim. The first spa facility of the town began offering service in the 11th century and the first bathhouse of the town began operating in the 17th century. The town, which is located 1087 meters above sea level, is within the boundaries of Nockberge National Park. You will be welcomed with great hospitality by the local people and will try the traditional tastes in the national park, which has a striking view with its curvy hills, very green forests, nostalgic mountain cabins and wine houses. Walking on the 60 kilometers long walking trails in Carinthia, which receives sunlight for 1900 hors of the year and is very busy in the summer months as well the winter months, is one of the most beautiful activities that you can do in the town. In the town, which is known as the south-facing balcony of the Alps, you can visit the churches built in 1492 as well as farms and mills.

The closest airport to Bad Kleinkirchheim is Klagenfurt Airport. The distance between the town and airport is approximately 56 kilometers. You can provide your transportation by hotel shuttles or taxis.

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