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About Augsburg

Augsburg, one of the most crowded cities of the province Bavaria in Germany, is among the oldest settlements area of the world. The significance of the city, which was built as a military base with the command of Augustus, who was the Roman Emperor in 15 BC, increased substantially due to its strategic location on the Italian Trade Route. After the Roman Empire lost its power and collapsed, the city was included in the Kingdom of Bavaria.

Being significant in every period on account of its strategic location, the city was used as a military base by the German Army during the Second World War. In 1945, it was captured by the United States of America. The governance of Augsburg was transferred to Germany again following the war years, and it has a population of 272 thousand today.

Fugger Houses, the symbol of the city, fascinate people with their structures and historical patterns from Renaissance Period, and Maximilian Museum exhibit artifacts that remained from the history of the city. Eiskanal, the first artificial river of the world causing admiration with its awesome view, and Augsburg Botanic Garden, which covers a large area, are among the must-see places for nature lovers.

Moreover, city forests and Lech Valley form the green areas of Augsburg and the city has been awarded for having the greenest and most livable nature of Europe thanks to its greenery. City economy relies on industry beside trade. Many huge companies operate in various fields from motor manufacturing to rocket production within the city. Continental climate is prevalent in Augsburg, so summers are hot and winters are cold and rainy.

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