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About Arar

Arar is the center of the North Border Region of Saudi Arabia. It lies along the Iraq border. Arar means “Juniper” in Arabic because of the juniper trees that are seen widely in the natural texture of the city. Arar is situated at the center of the country’s limestone reserves. Large-scale livestock husbandry facilities are also available in the pasture areas called “Bmraiha”. The city economy has developed based on husbandry as well as the agricultural activities including cereal, fruit, and vegetable cultivation. Arar was founded in 1951 after the completion of Aramco Petroleum Pipeline (Tapline) construction. Trans-Arabian Pipeline, which lies along this city, has a length of 1214-kilometer length between Qaisumah city that is on the banks of the Basra Bay of Saudi Arabia and Sidon city of Lebanon.

The pipeline, which started to be built in 1947, was completed in a very short period of time as little as two years and put into service in 1950. During the first years of the Aramco Petroleum Pipeline, Arar was used as a health center, oil pumping station, and labor campus. The nomadic people in the region have chosen this city to adopt a sedentary life thanks to its position on the main pipeline route of the country. The city today is situated on one the country's most strategic transit routes in addition to the pipeline that is located very close to Arar. At first glance, the large parks and recreation areas in the city attract the attention. As a result of the archaeological researches made in 1968, the ruins of the historical city settlements have been found in an area which is 30 kilometers away from the city and a large number of archeological finds were revealed thanks to these excavations. The artefacts from the excavations are exhibited at the Arar Museum. The desert climate is effective in Arar and rainfall is scarcely any. The Arar Domestic Airport expansion was started at the end of 2014 and is still under construction

Transportation to Arar City Center from Airport


Domestic Airport

Arar Airport, which has been home to many domestic and foreign visitors for many years, is located approximately 27 kilometers east of the city center. It is possible to reach the city center from the airport by renting a car or getting on a taxi.


Taxis are among the important transportation alternatives for travelling to the city center from Arar Airport. Since the means of public transportation are not commonly used in Arar, visitors prefer taxis for travelling to city center from the city center. Taxis have a standard fare tariff for certain routes. By talking to the driver before getting on the taxi, you can learn the average amount that you need to pay for travelling to the city center.

Hotel Shuttle

Since there are not many transportation alternatives in Arar city center, airport transfers offered by hotels relieve visitors in terms of travelling to the city center from the airport. Many hotels pick their guests up from the airport and carry them to their hotels.

Car Rental

You can reach the city center without losing time by renting a car from one of the car rental companies located at Arar Airport. This is one of the most comfortable options for travelling to the city center from the airport.

Weather in Arar

DayMin - Max
WednesdayMin 29ºC - Max 42ºC
ThursdayMin 29ºC - Max 43ºC
FridayMin 29ºC - Max 42ºC
SaturdayMin 30ºC - Max 42ºC
SundayMin 30ºC - Max 42ºC

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