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About Antigua

Antigua, the largest island of Antigua and Barbuda in the Caribbean, is also the center of the country. The city is also referred to by the local people as Waladli or Wadadli. Although the local accent makes its presence, English is spoken on the island and American Dollar is being used along with the local currency.

Antigua is located in the tropical climate zone. The temperature is measured around 27-28 degrees Celsius throughout the year and the humidity is always very high. The seasons are divided into two, as rainy and dry. Tropical storms can be seen during the rainy season starting from July and continuing until October. For this reason, the dry season, which is between November and June, is preferred by the visitors.

There are 365 different beaches in Antigua, which is already using the slogan ‘a beach for every day of the year’. With its pink white sand beaches and a glass-colored sea typical of the Caribbean, the economy in the city is based on tourism. There are many accommodation centers in Antigua that serve mainly to high income groups. Antigua is also one of the first cities where online gambling became legitimate, and there are many casinos in the city. Tourists are advised to be careful about free game suggestions.

The most popular sport in Antigua is cricket. The city, which has also hosted the World Cricket Championship, has many successes in this spade. On the other hand, with the development of tourism, sailing and yachting have also become very popular. In the same way, windsurfing and fishing sports are becoming widespread day by day. Today, Antigua organizes many water sports events every year and hosts various races.

It is possible to find examples of all the world cuisines in the city. However, in Antigua, an island city, it is absolutely necessary to test fresh varieties of fish and shellfish. There are also very different tropical fruits grown in the island and it is possible to consume them either as a cocktail or a fruit. The most popular local dishes are fungi and salt fish.

Buses are the main means of public transport in the city and are quite cheap. Taxis can be found all the time, but you should remember that it is quite expensive. There are many companies in Antigua where you can rent a car. Prices are around $ 50 per day on average. However, the speed limit within the island is 40 mph. It is also possible to rent a yacht in this luxurious city.

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