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Aljezur, which is located within the borders of the Faro District of Portugal, is a municipality with a population of approximately 6 thousand. It is estimated that there was life in Aljezur, which comprises 4 different small settlements, a very long time ago like millennia. The findings belonging to the Neolithic period and obtained in the archaeological excavations in the region prove this situation. The municipality, which was under the control of Berbers for a while, became a complete mosaic of culture with the influence of Muslims and Christians living in the region throughout different periods of history.

In the light of the excavations made in the region, it is known that activities such as agricultural production, fishing and animal husbandry were economically important for a very long time. The region known for its historical castle and several historical monuments built in the center was significantly destroyed in the earthquake happened in 1955. In the following years, Aljezur entered into a recovery process with various restoration and renovation works.

Aljezur attracts many tourists to the region with its breathtaking beaches located nearby. Established right behind the Atlantic Ocean on the southwestern coast of the country, the historical region is a perfect place for those who look for a peaceful holiday. The region is not very developed in the field of education and other areas. In Aljezur, there are schools providing only basic education. Young people living in the region need to go to Lisbon or other big cities in Portugal to receive university education.

With its fantastic valleys extending as far as the eye can see and its hills covered with windmills, Aljezur promises its guests a calm but pleasant town atmosphere. To reach Aljezur and the nearby areas, you can use the buses that depart from Lisbon located in the north or Lagos located in the south. 

If you are planning to visit Aljezur in the summer months, you should definitely visit the beaches of the region known by names such as Amoreira, Monte Clerigo and Arrifana. Pontal da Carrapateira is a little more stony than other coasts but it is as much fascinating as other bays in the region in terms of its view. If you enjoy activities that are full of adventure, you can ride a horse on the beach or even paragliding or parasailing. Jumping with a parachute also means an extraordinary opportunity to watch the beautiful nature of Aljezur from the sky. Those who are good at water sports can enjoy activities such as diving. Well, how about surfing against wild waves? Aljezur offers its visitors the opportunity to challenge the ocean by taking surf courses.

You can enjoy the whole day on the beach and spend a very entertaining time by surfing. In the center of Aljezur, you can taste Portuguese delicacies in the restaurants around the historical square and buy souvenirs from the shops located here. While touring the center, don't forget to see the house of the famous painter José Cercas, who lived between 1914 and 1992, and visit the Aljezur Municipality Museum, which carries the Mediterranean breeze to the Atlantic coast with its walls painted in blue and white.

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