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About Albury

Albury is a small but important city located in New South Wales, Australia. It is located in the valley of the Murray River, one of the country’s largest rivers. Murray Valley has very fertile soil and is Australia’s most irrigated land. Therefore, in addition to large and small livestock, grain, fruit and wine production has been concentrated in this area. Albury is separated from its twin city Albury Wodonga in Victoria by the Murray River. During colonial times Albury was a town that provided strategic transport between the colonies of Victoria and New South Wales and in a short amount of time it developed and gained the status of ‘city’ in 1946.

Albury is an important industrial and agricultural city in the region. There is a hydroelectric power station at Hume Dam, located within the city limits. Lake Hum is also rich in fish diversity and an important center for waterskiing tourism. The most active sectors for the city’s economy are agriculture, the automotive industry, and paper and wine production. The city’s main attractions are the historic gold rush towns of Beechworth and Yackandandah, the wine region of Rutherglen, Lake Hume, Botanical Gardens, Albury Monument Hill War Memorial, Library Museum, Regional Art Gallery and St. Matthew Church. The city experiences hot and temperate climates; it is cool to mild in the winters and very hot in the summers.  The Albury Airport is located 3.7 km northeast of the city center. 

Transportation to Albury City Center from Airport


Albury Airport

Albury Airport is located in the southeast of the city center. You can travel to the city center from the airport, which is commonly preferred thanks to its geographical location, by choosing one of the transportation alternatives such as taxi, Skybus Express, hotel shuttle or car rental.

Car Rental

At the airport, there are many companies where you can rent a car. You can make a reservation by getting in contact with one of the car rental companies or get help from your hotel about this issue. Those who do not want to lose time with other means of transportation can easily get to the city center by renting a car. In addition, there is also a limousine taxi and limousine rental office which offers a comfortable transportation to the city center, in case you prefer a luxurious travel.


Taxi is one of the most preferred means of transportation for travelling between the city center and airport and the fares vary between 35-55 dollars. Before getting on any taxi, you can bargain on the fare and minimize the cost of travelling to the city center from the airport.

Skybus Express (Airport Bus)

Airport buses, which are among the most preferred options for getting to the city center from Albury Airport, operate every 30 minutes and carry passengers to the terminal located in the city center. The fares are slightly higher than other buses. Skybus Express buses cost 15 dollars per person. Apart from Skybus Express, there are many bus routes that provide transportation to the city center from the airport. The pricing of these buses varies depending on the usage time of your ticket.

Hotel Shuttle

While making your hotel reservation, you can prevent any problem that you may encounter during your travel by selecting the airport transfer option which is one of the services offered to you by your hotel. You can get information from your hotel about this issue. If you have heavy luggage, this transportation method can be one of the best options.

Weather in Albury

DayMin - Max
ThursdayMin 2ºC - Max 11ºC
FridayMin 2ºC - Max 10ºC
SaturdayMin 4ºC - Max 10ºC
SundayMin 2ºC - Max 8ºC
MondayMin 6ºC - Max 13ºC

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