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Al Fallujah, which witnessed the bloodiest wars in Iraq in the Middle East of the 20th century, is located in the province of Al Anbar, approximately 79 kilometers of Baghdad. In the city that has border with the Euphrates River in the west, two bridges connect both sides. The eastern border forms a highway connecting to Baghdad and was used by the military in times of war.

The known history of the city goes back to the Babylonian period which was a deep-rooted and important empire. While it was a small town in the past, it significantly grew with a rapid population increase in the 2000s. There are approximately 200 mosques in the city which is why it is also known as the 'city of mosques'. But what placed the city on the world agenda is that it was the city of Iraq that resisted the US soldiers in the hardest way during the occupation of the country. The city, which was occupied by ISIS terrorists for a period of time, is in peace today. The city, which was a part of great empires centuries ago, is nominated to be included in the history books with the brutality that it experienced.

Lake Habbaniyah, which is one of the most beautiful views of Al Fallujah, is the summer destination of Baghdad residents and other cities in the vicinity. Abdul Aziz El Samarrai Mosque and Imam Husayn Shrine are among the touristic routes of the city.

You can reach the city from Baghdad International Airport which is located 76 kilometers away from the city. From Baghdad to Al Fallujah city center, visitors of the city can use buses and taxis.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Al Fallujah flights are organized to Al Taqaddum Airbase Airport.