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Located in the very heart of Tokyo, the Adachi ward is a small neighborhood between Arakawa and the Sumida River, and a larger area north of the Arakawa River. With a surface area of ​​53.25 square kilometers, Adachi is a small city with a crowded population and Tokyo has 23 wards. You can participate in many different activities ranging from sushi workshops to sake wine tasting in Adachi, where you will experience the Japanese culture and its daily life. Also there are many more events you can participate in, an example being the art of flower arranging, Ikebana. The Adachi Museum of Art has a world-class reputation for its garden and art designs and consists of 6 separate gardens. The museum spans over 165,000 square meters and you can see temporary painting exhibitions with 20th Century paintings in excess of 1300. Nishiarai Daishi Temple is where you will experience both the faith and culture of the city, and is also known as the Flower Temple with peony gardens, and the temple is known for protecting you from bad luck or feelings of ill will. In December this famous temple welcomes crowds from around Tokyo to its Osame no Daishi festival and the first visit to the shrine in the new year is called Hatsumode. In the gardens you will be very impressed when you see the temple, as in May the peony flowers open and there is a big festival organised to celebrate it. The Adachi Fireworks Festival is an almost 400 year old tradition and one of the most popular Japanese events. In July, when the festival is celebrated, thousands of fireworks are set off into the sky. Adachiindens street markets are also colourful aspects of the festival. In particular, the fish market is rich in open-sea products and creates funds to attract colour photographs. Adachi in Tokya Metropolis nearest airport is Narita Airport, which is 80 kilometers away. Between the airport and the city center, you can travel by shuttle, taxi, train or by renting a car.

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