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2 hour 50 min
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Most popular airlineAmerican AirlinesMost popular airportNorman Manley Intl. Airport
About Jamaica

Jamaica is an island country located south of the Caribbean Sea. Since gaining independence in 1962, Jamaica's economy has been primarily driven by tourism and mining, with significant contributions from agriculture, finance, and insurance sectors.
Jamaica, with maritime neighbors Haiti to the east and Cuba to the north, experiences warm climates throughout. While the inland areas have a temperate climate, the coastal regions have a tropical climate. Summer temperatures in Jamaica can reach up to 30 degrees, and the relatively mild winter months see temperatures drop to around 18 degrees. Kingston, the country's capital and the major port in the Greater Antilles, serves as the trade center and captivates with its natural beauty. Portmore, with its long coastline and tourist facilities, is another notable city.
Jamaica, witness to the birth of reggae music king Bob Marley, exudes the influence of this music in every street. The country hosts numerous music festivals annually, including the Air Jamaica Jazz and Blues Festival, Reggae Marathon, and Jamaica Carnival, attracting both locals and tourists. However, before getting lost in these attractions, it's essential to be aware of some security vulnerabilities in the country and avoid visiting unreliable areas.
The country's cuisine is enriched with tropical and temperate climate offerings, including avocados, papayas, bananas, pineapples, rice, and seafood. Among the most famous dishes are fried snapper and jerk, a spicy dish, along with the highly renowned rum.

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