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Transportation to Edinburgh Airport from the City Center

Edinburgh Airport is located about 12 km from the city center and it is one of the busiest airports in Scotland. The airport is accessible by a variety of transportation alternatives, including taxi, tram, Airlink buses, and rental car.

Airlink Buses

Airlink buses are among the most preferred transportation alternatives to get to the airport from the city center. You can get on the Airlink bus from Waverley Station in the city center and enjoy a convenient ride directly to the airport.


Another highly preferred method of transportation is the tram. Trams provide convenient and direct access to the airport. You can get on the tram from the York Place or St. Andrew Square stations in the city center and enjoy a 35-minute ride to the airport. Trams run every 8-12 minutes.


Located about 12 km from the city center, Edinburgh Airport is easily accessible by road. The airport is situated on the A8 Glasgow-Edinburgh road and is also accessible by the M8 and M9 motorways from Glasgow and Stirling. The airport’s parking lot features short-term and long-term options; the long-term parking lot is located a short bus ride from the terminal.

Airport Information

Edinburgh Airport features duty free shops where passengers can buy a range of products from perfume to alcohol and chocolate; the options are endless. There are many stores like Kurt Geiger, Jo Malone, and Hugo Boss, where you can buy gifts for your loved ones and enjoy some last minute shopping at affordable prices.

Venues where passengers can get a bite to eat or something to drink include Caffe Nero, Costa, and The Turnhouse. 

Last Updated: 08 Nov 2016

Transportation to Tampa City Center from Airport

Mac Dill Afb Airport

If you want to travel by public transportation in Tampa, you can prefer bus. One-way bus ride costs 2 dollars. If you want, you can also buy daily or weekly tickets according to the duration of your stay to make your transportation more economical. Daily ticket price is 16 dollars. Renting a car is a frequently preferred option to discover the city. You can easily find the offices of many car rental companies in the city center. By renting an affordable car, you can see the surrounding cities as well as you can go to the beaches comfortably.

The traffic is very safe and steady all across Tampa and you will not have any difficulty. However, you should keep in mind that you need to have an international driver's license to rent a car. The taxi service is also widely used in urban transportation. You can easily get a taxi. All taxis have a taximeter and taxi fares are fixed.

Clearwater International Airport is located only 15 kilometers away. Lakeland Airport, which serves only for domestic flights, is 51 kilometers away and Sarasota Airport is 64 kilometers away. Orlando International Airport is 129 km away for the transfers in exceptional situations. There are 5 different transportation options to reach the city center from Tampa International Airport.

If you prefer public transportation, you can take the municipal buses. Airport shuttle services are a bit more costly but a more comfortable alternative. Taxi service is available for those who want a more private and comfortable transportation option. If you want to maximize your comfort, you can rent a car from car rental companies. The last alternative is the airport shuttle services provided by the hotels.


You can find the bus stops at the west point of the red luggage delivery area of the airport. You can get to the city center by the bus number 15. Bus ticket price is 2 dollars.


You can easily see the taxi ranks right at the exit of the luggage delivery area. Two different taxi companies - Yellow Cab and United Cab – provide taxi service at the airport. Both companies apply the same price tariff. Taxi initial fare is 2.5 dollars and you need to pay 2.4 dollars per mile.

The minimum amount you will pay for transportation from the airport to anywhere is 15 dollars regardless of distance.  Taxi transportation from Tampa International Airport to the city center or the marina costs about 25 dollars.

Rent a car

You can see the offices of 8 different car rental companies on the opposite road of Tampa International Airport. These companies also have their service points at the end of the luggage delivery area. You can also rent a car online before your flight if you want. In this case, your car will be ready for your arrival time and you won't waste your time.

Airport Shuttle Services

Airport shuttle regularly run at certain times and follows a standard route. There are specially prepared air-conditioned waiting areas for passengers so that you can comfortably wait for the departure time of the shuttles. Shuttle service charge includes up to 3 pieces of luggage. You may be charged extra for more luggages.

The route of shuttle service mostly passes through the hotels and the service charge is based on the distance covered. Prices range from 25$ to 90$, but transportation to the city center costs about 25 or 35 dollars.

Hotel Shuttle Services

Many hotels in Tampa have their own shuttle services. Before making your reservation, you should contact your hotel in advance to make sure that this service is available or not.

The difference of this service, which is a little more costly compared to taxi, is that the shuttle is ready for you when you take your luggage and it takes you directly to your hotel. You should contact your hotel and make a reservation in advance in order to benefit from this service. You should remember that you will be asked some information such as how many passengers will benefit from this service and your flight's arrival time.

Last Updated: 07 Feb 2017

Tampa Intl Airport

You can easily reach Tampa International Airport from the city centre by taxi or by bus. There are airport shuttle buses available and some hotels can arrange it for you in advance. If you rented a car during your trip, it is also possible to reach the airport with this vehicle.


Bus route 15 transports passengers from the city centre to the airport in a short time. A one-way ticket costs 2 dollars.


Taxis are quite easy to come by in Tampa. You can comfortably find one in the city centre, and reach the airport for an average cost of 25 dollars. Be confident about the amount you will pay as all taxis are equipped with taximeters. You can speak to hotel staff to pre-arrange a taxi for you.

Car Rental

There are a lot of car rental agencies in Tampa city centre and for a more comfortable trip, including your journeys to and from the airport, you can hire a vehicle that is suitable to your budget. You can rent a car online, or you can ask for assistance from your hotel. International travellers must have a valid foreign driver’s license and an international driving permit. You must always carry these documents if you wish to drive a car or ride a motorbike in Tampa.

Airport Shuttle Service

Airport shuttle services are modern and comfortable buses with air-conditioning systems, which operate on a specific route and have certain departure times. It is recommended that you check the closest shuttle station near you, and the shuttle departure times in advance. You may also ask for assistance from your hotel representative. You will have to pay an additional fee per baggage beyond the limit of 3 baggages per passenger. The prices for the shuttle bus services are based on distance travelled. Airport shuttle services from the city centre to the airport is approximately 25 to 35 dollars.

Hotel Shuttle Service

Many hotels in Tampa provide airport shuttle services. Contact your hotel beforehand to confirm whether they provide this service, and book in advance if they do so.

Airport Information

Tampa International Airport was called the Drew Field Military Airport prior to the 1960s and used for military flights only. It underwent major changes since and began commercial flights. During the Second World War, the airport had undertaken important duties. Nowadays, Tampa International Airport is a modern, large airport located about 6 miles west from Downtown Tampa. Serious air traffic is encountered during the tourism season as it is often used as a transit hub. More than 100 flights a day take off from the airport.  There are many bars, restaurants and cafes located at different points of the airport that appeal to different tastes. You can also find many souvenir shops, accessory shops, clothing stores, cosmetics shops and duty-free shops inside the airport. Free Wi-Fi access is available throughout the airport building.

Last Updated: 21 Nov 2016
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