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Villa General Belgrano is a beautiful city in Argentina where German immigrants still maintain their German culture. The city was founded in the 1930s; and its name comes from Manuel Belgrano, who was one of the leaders of the Argentine army.

The city is surrounded by two mountain of Cordoba, which are Sierras Chicas and Sierras Grandes. It is located in the green hills of the Clamuchita Valley and about 750 meters above the ocean level. Villa General Belgrano, which has many features for tourists, is mostly known as Villa City of Beer. The Oktoberfest Argentine Beer Festival is home to thousands of tourists from all over the world every October. There are two other festivals in the city besides the beer festival. The city has an extremely glamorous atmosphere thanks to the Alpine Chocolate Festival in July and the National Festival of Vienna (Fiesta Nacional de la Masa Vienesa) in April.

The city's exploration route is quite crowded. The small museum of the city is an interesting museum where you can see the family albums of the inhabitants who have been living here for years and they carry the mission of protect and convey the culture of the city. Castillo Romano, which is 60 meters from the town square, is a castle where entertainment and history meet, and you can see many objects that have been using for 150 years and visit the puppet exhibitions there, you should especially see the giant puppet of Pinocchio. The Calamuchita Valley, which you can reach by passing through winding mountain roads and charming villages, is worth seeing for trekking, bird watching and a perfect view. The valley is one of the most important natural treasures for Argentina.

The geography of the city consists of natural waterfalls, small lakes and streams. You can find great flavors of German and Argentinean cuisine together in the city, which is also good for those who like to be in the nature, as well as those who like to make gastronomic discoveries. The most appropriate time to visit the city with a different style thanks to its Bavarian style architecture of elegant houses with red roofs, wooden sculptures from the hands of wooden masters, chocolate and pastry shops is the time period between November and February.

The closest airport to Villa General Belgrano, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Cordoba, Argentina, is 100 kilometers from Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio LV Taravella International Airport. You can transfer to the city by bus, taxi, airport services and rental car options.

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