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About Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport

Shpakovskoye International Airport opened in Stavropol in 1934 to transport intercity passengers and airmail during the period of the Soviet Union and was given to the Soviet Union Air Force during the Second World War. The airport was repaired after the war and then continued to operate long-distance flights until the 1990s. The airport was privatised in 1992 and then in 1993 started operating international flights. Especially to the Turkish Republic, an average of 35 tons of cargo is transported daily from Shpakovskoye International Airport, to where flights are operating in Europe, the Middle East and Turkey.


Getting to the City Center from Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport

In Stavropol, which has all the features that a developed city should have, public transportation network has spread almost all over the city. The city has a highly developed public transportation system in terms of the means of transportation and route diversity.

Buses, trolleybuses, minibuses, taxis and car rental meet the majority of the urban transportation needs. You can easily find the stops of these means of transportation in Stavropol. Operating hours of the urban transportation services are from 05:30 am to 10:30 pm. When you have reached Stavropol Airport, you can get to the city center in a short time by using one of the means of transportation such as suburban train, minibus, bus and taxi.


You can travel to the city center from the airport by train. After reaching the city center, from here you can also travel to any part of the city by train. There are suburban trains offering urban and intercity transportation service. You can get on these trains from the railway station located in the city.


Bus, which is one of the commonly used means of transportation for travelling to the city center from Stavropol Airport, is an affordable alternative. In Stavropol, where the buses having 27 different routes offer actively service, it is very comfortable to travel to the city center from the airport by bus. You can easily see the bus stops just outside Stavropol Airport and get on one of the buses according to your destination. Before getting on any bus, remember to check its route in order not to get on the wrong bus.


The minibuses offering service in the city with a total of 61 minibus stops are among the most popular means of public transportation preferred by domestic and foreign tourists. If you want to benefit from Stavropol minibuses, which are the most popular means of transportation in the city thanks to their affordability and comfort, you need to pay the fare according to the common ticket system.

Thanks to the minibuses waiting at the exit of Stavropol Airport terminal building, you can easily reach many different parts of the city. You can choose one of the minibus routes 4, 102a, 102d, 102, 108, 119, 120a Aeroport, 120, 125 and 127 depending on your destination. The fare is 18 rubles. The minibus route 120a Aeroport costs more than the others; 30 rubles.


Taxi is one of the commonly used transportation alternatives in the city. By paying approximately 400-500 rubles, you can get to the city center from the airport by taxi. If you want to travel to the city center by taxi, you can get in contact with OPUS (+7 879 227 89 56) or Evropa Taxi (+7 865 256 66 66). These companies are one of the most popular and economical taxi companies in the city.

Car Rental

You can also travel to the city center by renting a car. There are world-famous car rental companies at the airport. These companies are Sixt, Avis, Auto Europe, Alamo, Budget and Fox Rent a Car. By contacting one of these companies, you can have a comfortable travel to the city.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2017
Getting to Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport from the City Center

It is incredibly economical to benefit from the means of public transportation in Stavropol. From any parts of the city, you can get to Stavropol Airport by using many transportation alternatives such as suburban train, bus, minibus and taxi. You can also rent a car if you want a more comfortable travel.


There are trains to Stavropol from St. Petersburg and Moscow which are the two important cities of Russia where railway network is highly developed. In the city, suburban trains, which are one of the fastest means of transportation, offer service even if they are not as fast as metro.


Stavropol buses offer service at frequent intervals and provide transportation services to every part of the city. Four bus terminals actively offer service in Stavropol where travelling by bus is the most popular option. From the central bus terminal, there are direct bus services to Moscow, St. Petersburg, Rostov-on, Sochi, Krasnodar, Voronezh, Samara and other cities of Russia.

Most of the buses that provide transportation in the city have a fixed pricing system. The current price of bus tickets is 16 rubles. The number of bus routes offering service in Stavropol is 27. The bus route 26, which has 14 stops in total, provides transportation between Vokzal-ST Aviator and passes through the airport. The bus route 22, which has 15 stops, follows Vokzal-ST Severnoe route and passes through Stavropol Airport. The commonly used bus route in the city is 32a and this route has 50 stops in total.


Minibuses are one of the commonly used means of public transportation for travelling to the airport from the city center. Common ticket system is valid in minibuses. The amount you need pay is 18 rubles by 2016. In Stavropol where there is totally 61 minibus stops, the number of minibus routes is very high and they operate throughout the city. The minibus routes providing transportation to Stavropol Airport from the city center; 4, 102a, 102d, 102, 108, 119, 120a Aeroport, 120, 125 and 127.


It is possible to come across many taxis offering transportation service in Stavropol. In addition, it is very easy to call a taxi from any part of the city. When you get on a taxi in the city center, the initial charge will be 14 rubles in general.

Car Rental

If you are thinking of renting a car in Stavropol where two federal highways pass through the city, it is possible to visit Stavropol and the nearby cities without paying too much. You can find a car rental company both at Stavropol Airport and in many parts of the city. You can also make a reservation before your arrival to the city.

Airport Information

Stavropol Airport, which can be classified as a small airport, is located in Stavropol which is the capital of Stavropol Krai of Russia. Stavropol Airport, which is also known as Stavropol Shpakovskoye Airport, is located approximately 13 km northeast of the city center. The airport, where generally medium-sized airplanes offer service, became an international airport in 1993. There are direct flights to Stavropol Airport from Sabiha Gökçen and Atatürk Airports. At the airport offering service to over 1 million passengers every year, there are waiting rooms, help desks, cafes, restaurants, market, ATM, banks and currency exchange office.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2017

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