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Sri Kembangan attracts attention with its proximity to Kuala Lumpur which is one of the first places that comes to mind in Malaysia and is a must place to visit for those who want to know the daily life and culture of the Malaysian people and have a fun holiday. While the city has a culture of its own, it also brings with it fun alternatives. Farm in the City which is located in the center of Sri Kembangan and is ideal for those who are tired of the exhausting chaos of city life. Designed resembling a typical Malaysian village setting this farm combines the elements of wildlife and nature and opens the door to a different experience. Here you can leave your modern life behind and come face to face with nature by feeding the animals and getting close and touching them. We recommend that you visit Farm in the City at your earliest opportunity to find your own philosophy of life and take a sigh of relief. Warisan Melayu Heritage Museum is the first place to visit for those who want to discover the culture and history of Malaysia. At the museum it is possible to see examples of typical historical houses of Malaysia. This outdoor museum is made up of wooden houses that shows the process that started in the prehistoric fossils of the region until recently. You will feel as if you are traveling back in time and you will not forget this extraordinary experience for the rest of your life. You can also learn more about the history and ethnicity of the people who lived on the lands by visiting the Malaysian Chinese Museum where the lives of those who migrated from China to Sri Kembangan is an interesting place for museum lovers. In this sense, Sri Kembangan is a city that continues to maintain its historical texture. The Putrajaya Mosque offers a visual pleasure as its known for its different architecture far beyond the classical mosques. This mosque is one of the must places to visit in the city with the illumination of the building, the single minaret and the combination of oval lines and sharp lines. It is located in the very center of the city with many restaurants situated around it which makes it a very advantageous trip alternative. Those who admire natural beauties can turn their direction to the Recreational Park Bukit Jalil in the Klang Valley. In this park you can do activities such as hiking, jogging or climbing and you can also feed the cat fish in the lakes. The area is surrounded by bamboo trees and you will encounter a different natural wonder and find the inspiration you need to exercise. If you want to get away from spending time in nature and have fun and go shopping, you can go to The Mines Shopping Mall and spend your time anyway you want. For those who want to shop the city offers numerous alternatives, both traditional and modern. For those who want to see Sri Kembangan from the sky, we recommend the experience of Asia Heli. This helicopter tour will allow you to see places you have walked from a completely different angle from the air. Thus you can easily determine a route to your trip without missing any details of the city. If you have time you can continue your holiday by moving from Sri Kembangan to Kuala Lumpur.

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