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Şirince, which is a town in Selçuk district and one of the most popular tourist destinations of İzmir although it is one of the small districts, was known as a Greek town until the beginning of 20th century. Greek population of the town, which is surrounded by olive groves and orchards, migrated to Greece during the population exchange in 1923 and Turkish people living in Greece migrated to Şirince. Nişanyan Houses are the symbol and the most important tourist attractions of the town and they amaze everyone with their magnificent architecture and lovely cobblestone pavements. Until 2000, Şirince was a popular place which is generally visited by the people living in İzmir to spend a pleasant time at weekends but in the recent years, it has developed so much that it has become a popular destination for domestic and foreign tourists. The building that was found in 1906 and served as a school for long years has been restored and re-opened as Taş Mektep (Stone School) Museum for visitors. In the museum, you can see objects, documents and pictures from Ottoman and Republic periods and they all reflect innovative steps taken in educational system. Mathematics Village where summer camps are arranged for high school and university students is also another symbol of Şirince. Mathematics Village, a facility designed to meet accommodation and other requirements of the students, can be visited throughout the year.

Only 600 people live in Şirince and habitants of the village make their living from olive production, agriculture and tourism. The weather is quite hot in the summer months and winter months are rainy and warm. The closest airport to the village is Selçuk Efes Airport which is 20 minutes away.

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