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Simon's Town is a coastal town on the shores of the False Bay, in the south-west of South Africa. It’s 45 km south of Cape Town. The presence of the South African Navy Base adds a certain air of prestige to the town.

Boulders Beach, and the friendly African Penguins who live on it, is probably the most popular feature of makes Simon's Town's. The sole purpose of many people visiting Simon's Town is to just to see these penguins. The most important symbol of Simon's Town is probably the dog statue in the Jubilee Square, who is actually formal member of the navy. Another symbol of the city is the Martello Tower that dates back to the 18th century and is today used as history museum. The lovely fish restaurants and the lively pubs are classic experiences and shouldn’t be missed if you want to enjoy the whole of what Simon Town’s has to offer. The town center with Victorian era buildings has a calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can see some sharks or do some diving by joining some of the various boat tours that are organized from the beach.

The temperature is around 28-30 degrees in the summer months, and drops to around 15-16 degrees in the winter. The rainy season usually lasts from May to the end of August. It’s also incredibly windy in Simon's Town, of which the bent trees and bushes, that you will come across everywhere, are the best evidence. So make sure that you bring materials to protect yourself from the wind regardless of how warm the weather might be.

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