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Sankt Pölten is the youngest capital and the biggest city of Lower Austria. The city situates on the Traisen river and in north of the Alps. This calm village, which connects to the world thanks to the railway network built in 1860, has changed on a large scale within years. When you go into the Train Station, you will take a step to Sankt Polten which began taking shape in the 19th century.

One of the most striking features of the capital of Lower Austria is its hypermodern government district. This district is home to the performances of world-renowned musicians and dance companies perform regularly here. Sankt Pölten is home to several delightful old town squares which are the Herrenplatz, Rathausplatz and Riemerplatz. You can spend pleasant time on these squares. The Rathausplatz, which is located in the heart of Sankt Pölten, is a charming town square covered with cafes and colorful buildings as well as its baroque front designed in 1727.

Lower Austria State Museum is home to an interesting collection about the history, art and environment of the region. The most special item of the collection is the Schöngrabern Lion remaining from the 13th century. You must visit the Maria Himmelfahrt Cathedral which is a masterpiece belonging to Jakob Prandtauer, one of the most important architects of the Baroque period. Its impressive interior decorated with marble and gold and the old tombstones are worth seeing. You can see the collections focusing on Art Nouveau, local archaeological treasures and current exhibitions by visiting the Stadtmuseum.

In Sankt Pölten, you can find various dishes from the local cuisine of Austria as well as alternatives from the world cuisine.

Sankt Pölten can be visited in any season of the year. However, if you like hot weather, you can visit the town in the spring or summer months. The winters are very cold in St. Pölten but if you like cold weather, you can choose to visit the town in this period.

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