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Pyla, which has a unique location near Larnaca, is among one of the oldest villages in Cyprus. Located at the threshold of the Mesaoria Valley, Pyla is special in the respect that it is the only settlement in Cyprus still inhabited by both Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots inhabitants. Pyla has three churches and a mosque and its history dates back to the Late bronze Age. However, it is possible to say that the first settlement in Pyla started in the Middle Ages. You can visit Pyla, during all four seasons, with Pyla having some of the most luxurious hotels in Cyprus. Pyla makes its name known to the whole Mediterranean with its vinyards and you can take part in the wine tasting events which are organised in Pyla. You can have a great time in Linear Park, which is one of the most popular places to visit in Pyla and there are also daily tours so you can visit the center of Larnaca.

We can guarantee that you will have unforgettable experiences in Pyla, where two different cultures live together. Today, it is possible to find many archaeological artifacts from Pyla and its surroundings area in the Cyprus Museum collection in Nicosia. In the Iron Age (1050-475 BC) there were large city states in Cyprus. The region containing Pyla was among the city state that rose up to hold an important position. Pyla, which is thought to belong to the former kingdom of Kition, has manuscripts and other written sources, archaeological finds, house and tomb ruins, as well as temples and ancient churches built along the coast. You can see an extraordinary village view by going up to Pyla Tower, which is a tall structure built by the Venetians in the Middle Ages. It is an impressive stone observation tower with a lift. Its entrance is on the third floor and was built to protect the settlement from raids by the Saracens. The entire village can be seen from the top of the tower.

In addition to the Pyla Tower, which is on the UNESCO protected list, you can visit ancient churches, Panagia Asprovouniotissa, the Local History Museum and the modern church Agios Georgios. The Cultural Museum, also known as the Local History Museum, is a single-storey stone house but decorated in a traditional style. This museum was founded in 1993 by Angelidou and it is where you will find local agricultural products and more. After visiting the Church of Archangel Michael, which dates back to the year 1500, you can also visit the Church of Panagia Asprovouniotissa (Theotokos Belogornaya), which has the title of being one of the oldest buildings in Pyla and located in the eastern part of the village. The Church of Panagia Asprovouniotissa was built in 1200 and in 2003, the Pyla Mosque was restored and these places would be unforgettable stops on your trip.

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