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One of the biggest cities in Czechia, Pilsen is located in Bohemia Region in the western part of the country. The specialty ‘pilsner’, a type of beer produced in the city makes Pilsen world-wide known. This type of beer was first produced in 1842 and named after the city and spread all around the world expeditiously.

There is a local beer variety in Pilsen, where the first beer was produced in 1295. Today, Pilsen is a hometown of both beer brands produced by using the cutting-edge technology and craft beers produced with traditional methods. That is why many beer-lover tourists come to Pilsen. The city becomes crowded especially in September of each year, when the biggest beer festival of the country is held here.

One of the most beautiful examples of gothic style built in 13. century with its 100-metre-tall tower, Catedral of St. Bartholomew is accepted as the architectural symbol of the city and therefore is a must-see place in Pilsen. The city hall built by the Italian architect Giovanni in the Renaissance Period is also worth seeing.

The second biggest synagogue of Europe, The Great Synagogue is another place to see during your holiday in Pilsen. Of course, you should visit Pilsner Urquell Brewery, in which the original Pilsner beer was first produced and is still being produced today. Pilsen Zoo, hosting over 1000 animals living in their natural life conditions without any fence, is also recommended to the visitors.

Tramway, trolleybus and busses are used for the public transportation in the city. You can buy bus tickets from kiosks and you need to make sure the machine in the bus has read your ticket when you get on. In Pilsen, the average temperature is -1°C in winter whereas it is around 18-19°C in summer. Therefore, it is ideal to visit the city during summer season. However, do not forget the fact that the city is rainy all year round, especially in summer. As in all the parts in Czechia, Pilsen is also famous for game meats, therefore, it is highly recommended to try the dishes of local meat during your holiday.  

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