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About Peyia

Peyia is a town on the coast of the Mediterranean, in the west of Greek Cyprus. Its long coastline with many beaches, some stony, and some sandy, make Peyia a popular holiday destination. Tourism is the most important source for the town economic . There are many hotels and pensions and restaurants that support the tourism economy, alongside with the port that receives day-to-day visitors.

Peyia has a warm Mediterranean climate with long summers. The hot and dry summer days, where there is almost no rainfall, are followed by short, warm, and rainy winter days. Due to the warm climate, ‘sun and sand’ tourism continues from the end of April all the way to November.

The water from the historic fountain in the town center is believed to make the girls of Cyprus more beautiful, and it's also possible for visitors to drink the water. This historic fountain has an important part inthe local culture of the town and has been the subject of many a story and song, alongside bringing many a young girl and boy together. The island of Yeronisos is in the open waters just off the coast of Peyia. The Edro III Shipwreck is an opportunity to take some stunning photographs, especially at sunset. There is no settlement or infrastructure on Yeronisos, but is certainly visually appealing. If you are travelling with children then visiting Pafos Zoo is a great way to spend a couple of hours or more. Pikni Forest is great if you love nature. You can go trekking through different tones of green here while absorbing the peaceful atmosphere of the wonderful forest. Don’t go back home without having some fun at the famous Greek taverns or trying the various kinds of Greek appetizers. You’ll also find a church in the town center, which is the most important symbol of Peyia with quite impressive architecture.

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