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Paracas, which is also known as El Chaco, is a town located on the western coast of Peru. The meaning of Paracas, which is known for its sand storms, is also “sand rain”. The town is a starting point for the deserted Ballestas Islands, which are home to sea lions, pelicans and Humboldt penguins. One of the reasons why Paracas attracts a great number of visitors is the boat trips to the Islas Ballestas to observe the marine life. By joining one of these tours, you can see the sea lions, dolphins, baby penguins and various birds.

You can spare a special day for each of La Mina, Roja, El Raspon and Mendieta beaches. You can join bicycle tours or discover unique beaches by private boat tours. In Paracas National Park tour including three islands and lasting about two hours, you can see the geoglyphs on the desert resembling Nazca Lines of Peru. Don’t forget to take a picture in front of cactus geoglyph.

You can find many delicious alternatives in Paracas where you can also taste delicacies from the American and Mediterranean cuisines as well as the local cuisine of Peru.

The temperature in Paracas doesn’t change much throughout the year. If you want to visit Paracas in the hottest season, you should choose February, March and January months.

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