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Oia is an old village located in the northern part of Santorini. This village attracts a great number of visitors every year. The most important reason is that it has a unique cliff and caldera view. Oia is accepted as the first settlement which has been able to protect the identity of Greece. One of the distinctive features of the village is that many houses were built on the steep slopes of the calderas.

The houses built with traditional cycladic architecture are among the structures to see in Oia. It is quite possible to come across with the whitewashed houses with blue doors in Oia. The village is also famous for sunset. Many people gather together to watch the amazing sunset from the caldera.

Oia, which reflects the Renaissance soul of Santorini, was greatly damaged during the earthquake in 1956 and restored to preserve its characteristics. In addition to the photogenic atmosphere created by the sunset and village houses facing the foamy Aegean Sea, the village is famous for its taverns, which are the traditional entertainment places, the beauty of its sea and handicrafts workshops. The region can be reached by the buses departing from Fira, the closest city to the village.

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