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Nova Gorica is a city in western Slovenia and located near the Italian border. You can reach Gorizia, the closest city, from Nova Gorica by walking 5 minutes. With a live and cheerful atmosphere every season, the city is mentioned as ‘the city of roses’ with approximately twelve thousand roses planted around it. You can feel various rose scents while visiting the city, a center for many cultural activities such as concerts, festivals, exhibitions and gastronomical activities.

Nova Gorica is one of the places you will be very happy to visit together with its well-preserved nature and rich history and it is also very close to the Soča Valley.  The Trnova Forest and Banjsice Plateau with bicycle paths, walking tracks and greenery, the botanical center in Grgarske Ravne, where you will walk into the world of plants, and Mt. Sveta Gora, a significant religious center, are among the nearby places we suggest you to see. Nova Gorica is the only place for bungee jumping in Slovenia and you can take part in many activities like horse-riding, river canoe, paragliding and kiting in this sportive city. While fortresses, monasteries and wall ruins bear the traces of all the civilizations the city hosted, you frequently come across the museum and monuments, which sustain the memories of the First World War, and the name of Ernest Hemingway, who was in the city during the war.

Being a good starting point to discover the Slovenian Riviera, Nova Gorica is the base of wine and gourmets and located in the center of Kras, Vipava and Brda. It is possible for you to reach the villages, which are decorated with the Middle Age architectures such as the Dobrovo Castle from the 17th century, by cycling or walking from Goriška Brda, where a great part of Slovenian wines is produced. Extending eastwards, the Vipava Valley is one of the most special places on your route, where the best wine grapes are produced in Europe. You can also join the tours for tasting in famous wine houses of the region. There  are a lot of casinos in the city, which is known as the center of entertainment as well. Attracting customers especially from Italy, its neighbor country, these casinos are among the most famous facilities of Europe.

You can easily reach Rome, Venice and Trieste by the frequent trains from the Gorizia Station near the city. During your trips to the city by air, Trieste - Friuli Venezia Giulia Airport in Italy is the closest airport you can land on and it is 31 kilometers away from the city center.

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