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About Nendaz

A city in touch with the nature in the south of Switzerland, Nendaz is one of the important ski resorts in Europe. With its fantastic landscape of the Alps, this city has ski and snowboard slopes for everyone, from the beginners to the professionals. Apart from the winter sports; trekking, climbing and mountain biking are also popular sports here in Nendaz.

Built around seventy years ago, the Cleuson Dam is one of the most preferred places to during especially spring and summer seasons thank to its its turquoise water and its breathtaking view of the mountain surrounding the area.

International Alphorn Festival is held in July each year in Nendaz, which hosts many events and shows. Being accepted as the longest and most challenging mountain bike racing with its 131 kilometre route and 4600 metre height difference, Grand Raid passes through Nendaz as well.

Though Nendaz is not a warm city and even it is rainy all the year round, it has a sunny weather. While the temperature is around -1 °C during winter, it is around 16-17°C during summer.  

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