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Menemen is one of 30 districts of İzmir and it is known for the reactionary rebellion against revolutions and Third-Lieutenant Kubilay, who was sent to the district to quell the continuance of the rebellion but murdered rebels. Known history of the district goes back to 1000 BC. Many different civilizations like Ionians, Frigs, Lydians, Persians, Romans and Byzantines reigned around the district and some Anatolian seigniories reigned as well. Taşhan (Stone Inn), Larissa that dates back to 1200 BC, Panaztepe Ancient City that is 13 kilometers of the city and Karagöl which is a crater lake on the top of the Yamanlar Mountain that has magnificent natural beauties are some places that should be visited.

Winters are warm and rainy, summers are hot and dry. Being affected by Mediterranean climate, Menemen’s economy mostly depends on agriculture and husbandry. Strawberry and melon are the most produced agricultural products of the district and dairy farming is also popular. Leather and leatherwork is also popular, as well as pitchers, handbaskets and pottery.

The district is 33 kilometers of the city center of İzmir and transportation is easy thanks to suburban trains and buses. The district is located very close to the railway between Bandırma – Afyon – İzmir and land route between İzmir – Bergama – Çanakkale. If you will prefer transportation by air, İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport is 59 kilometers away.

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