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About Marsascala

Marsascala is a popular coastal town which is mostly visited by the local people rather than tourists. For this reason, there are still many places to discover in this town. It has a natural beauty. Fish restaurants, some popular diving and swimming points as well as its wonderful coastline make this town a unique place to visit.

In the winter months, the population of the town is about 10 thousand and this number triples in the summer months. You need to spend at least one day to discover the nature of Marsascala. St. Peter’s Pool shaped by the nature is a fantastic place with its view. You can enjoy the sun and sea here.

On Marsaxlokk Bay, where there are many colorful fishing boats, you can see that there are stalls selling fresh fish. You can also eat delicious fish in one of the restaurants. You can also buy souvenirs from the small shops here. In addition, this is the place where the Siege of Malta took place. Tori Mamo, which was built as a castle in the 17th century, is a special structure taking attention with the ditches around it.

In this beautiful coastal town, you can join boat tours reaching to the bays of Malta. If you wish, you can join the tours organized by land. Lower Barrakka Gardens offer a relaxing environment in order to enjoy the view and flowers. You can visit the small cafe near it and drink a cup of coffee or eat ice-cream. 

The town offers many alternatives for its visitors in terms of eating and drinking. The local dishes of Marsascala concentrate on fresh seafood, vegetables and fruits. You can try delicious tastes for affordable prices. In addition, you must taste their special desserts and red wines. 

If you choose this town for your holiday, the best time to visit Marsascala is the period from May to September. 

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