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Getting to International Airport from the City Center

Mariupol International airport is located only 5 kilometers far from the city center of Mariupol in Ukraine. However, the airport has been closed to flights for a while. For this reason, if you are planning to travel from Mariupol by plane, you can go to other cities of Ukraine by train or bus.

You can also travel by renting a car between Mariupol and the cities where there are international airports. But do not forget that this alternative can be more tiring and costly compared to public transformation due to long distances.

You can use taxis as a means of transportation to reach the train station and bus terminal from the city center. Accordingly, you can easily switch to these vehicles from the center with your suitcases.  You can continue your journey by coming to Donetsk, Kiev or Kharkiv by train and bus.


Since Mariupol is not such a big city, transportation to other regions in the country is enabled by bus and train in general. You can go to the closest airport by bus or train and then switch to your plane. You can reach the bus terminal in Mariupol from almost every corner of the city by taxi only in a few minutes.

Bus hours may differ according to the time of travel. Therefore, you should definitely check the updated hours before taking a bus. Traveling may take a few hours or longer depending on the distance of the city you will go to.


In the country, trains are used actively for transportation to cities. Because Mariupol International Airport has been closed to flights for a while, you can take a train to go to other cities of Ukraine and catch your flight.

Especially in train journeys to farther cities, it would be useful to set off a few hours before the planned time not to be influenced by possible delays. In addition to traveling between different cities of the country, you can also take trains, which are practical and quick means of transportation, to go to the airport from the city center when you reach your destination in some cities.

You can make research after determining your route and date of travel for up-to-date train services and transfer details. You can get help from hotels while buying a train ticket or planning transfers. Reaching other cities from Mariupol by train is a quite appropriate alternative for visitors who have not come to the country before. Prices of the train tickets may change according to your destination and properties of the train. Nevertheless, transportation costs are not that high in the country. You can buy the tickets of the trains you are going to take to come to the airport for reasonable prices.

Car Rental

Because Mariupol Airport has been closed to local and international flights, passengers are directed to the airports in other cities. Another quick option to prefer in transportation to Kiev, Kharkiv or Donetsk from Mariupol is to rent a car. Particularly compared to trains, traveling with rented cars can help you save time significantly. The disadvantage of traveling to airports nearby from Mariupol by renting a car is the fact that it might be more tiring. If you need to save time and reach the airport as quickly as possible, you can go to car rental offices in the city without overthinking. To complete the rental procedures without facing any problems, make sure that you have your documents, such as driver license that is accepted in the country and passport that might be required while traveling, with you.

Private Transfer

Another quick and comfortable option that can be preferred to reach the airports in the region from Mariupol is private transfer cars. Private transfer vehicles like Kiwitaxi, which is offered to passengers together with its driver, pick you up from where you are and drop you to your destination. Furthermore, no matter where you are, you can directly come to the airport without a need for connecting transfer by opting for these vehicles, which provide transportation from door to door. The main factor that determines the fare you need to pay to the private transfer vehicle is the distance between your departure and arrival spots. You can find an opportunity to go to the airport for a cheaper price by traveling on dates which are not preferred so much or with discounts made in certain periods.

Airport Information

Mariupol Airport, which is located close to the city center of Mariupol, has been closed to commercial flights for a while now. For this reason, the airports in the other cities of Ukraine, such as Kiev, Donetsk and Kharkiv, are in use. In transportation between Mariupol and airports, buses, trains and rental cars are preferred in general.

From the international airports in Kiev and Kharkiv, flights are held to the inner cities of Ukraine as well as different countries. At the airports, there are colorful souvenirs reflecting the cultural characteristics of Ukraine, comfortable private resting halls, and family rooms provided to mothers and fathers. In addition to all the services, you can also try the cafes and restaurants where you can buy delicious coffee and snacks at the airport.

Almost in all the airports of the country, you can spend time by having a look at newspapers and journals or doing shopping until the departure time of the plane. Moreover, in the international sections of the airports in Kharkiv and Kiev, you will find plenty of alternatives such as perfumes, candies, chocolate, and key chains.

Last Updated: August 21, 2018
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