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About Kranevo

Located in Dobrich Province of Bulgaria, and as a village having a coast on Black Sea, Kranevo attracts many local and foreign tourists especially during summer season. Having a shallow sea, Kranevo is a perfect vacation spot for the non-swimmers and in particular, families with children. Having a sunny and humid air all year long, this village offers plenty of hotels and pensions that suit each pocket. The options of accomodating in Kranevo range from facilities that organize swimming camp or offer services with amusement parks to villas with swimming pool. Giving you an opportunity to have a low-budget vacation, Kranevo is also a place schools prefer as a camping site for their students. Games of strategy, dances, and sports competitions are held in these camps. Thus, the schools aim to realize the learning process of the children in a more comfortable area in an entertaining way. Besides, these camps help the children get informed about the jobs they wish to choose in the future.

Kranevo attracts a great deal of attention due to the fact that it is located only 5 kilometre away to Albena and 10 kilometre away to Golden Sands, both of which are touristic  centres. Kranevo is also known for its beaches with soft sands. Moreover, there is a nudist beach between Albena and Kranevo in this region. Kranevo has workplaces that support natural life just as the ones in Sozopol, Bourgas, Kamchia, and  Golden Sands.

The first settlements in Kranevo date back to the Ancient Period. Kranevo was within the borders of Romania between 1913 and 1940. It is possible to come across the residuals of a castle dating back to Roman Empire period in the south Kranevo. Apart from this castle known to be called as “Ekrene” during Ottoman Empire period,  this village also attracts the visitors with the whitewashed houses with red roofs and gardens with the grapevine arbour. Folks in this area make a living by viticulture, vegetable- and fruit growing.

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